A couple of links to our friends' websites:

Electric Kulintang
The musical pairing of Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez, creating melodies and rhythms that evoke Filipino folkloric trances through the melding of electronics, electric guitar, bass, loops, ambient grooves, dance beats, and Filipino kulintang

Mundo Niños
Music for children 4-8 years of age, that teaches rhythm, melodies, improvisation and musical expression and appreciation through world music.

Susie Ibarra
Percussionist and composer of experimental and avant garde music.

Song of the Bird King
Upcoming film by Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez

Indigo Arts
Tribal Art and Folk Art from Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Joe Jackson
Music composer and recording artist.

Record label dedicated to releasing the best in avant garde and experimental music.

Art Junkies
Graphic and Web Design company.